Four days that will change your life!

In this training - which we believe is unique in Austria - you are not a participant, but rather part of a four-day journey with incredible experiences and deep knowledge of aromatherapy. It's not just about theory, but much more about practical application. You not only learn the Raindrop Technique®, but also experience the deep effects of both the oils and the treatment itself.

October 10-13,
in Lithuania

What do you get with the Raindrop training:

  • A script of over 50 pages with detailed descriptions
  • Vijay, one of only six Raindrop instructors in the world
  • A room full of good smells
  • At least two Raindrop treatments from your colleagues
  • Concentration and relaxation at the highest level
  • Four days packed with knowledge and unique experiences
  • A completion certificate

VVijay with Gary & Mary Young at the handover of the
Raindrop Instructor Certificate 2007 in Ecuador.

Four days packed with knowledge and unique experiences!


The current Raindrop Practitioner training takes place in the Baraka retreat center near Vilnius.


We have put together a list of accommodations near the event location. Please book your room directly at the respective hotel.

Accommodations nearby:
Vilnius Grand Resort
Lavender Village
Kernavės centras

Vijay J. Churfürst Hanzal

Vijay was interested in Far Eastern healing methods from an early age, spent many months with monks in monasteries in Thailand and flew around the world to always discover new things, which is where his "Sanskrit" name Vijay comes from. In 2001 he completed training as a therapeutic masseur and then as a commercial masseur, including many massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage, acupuncture massage, foot reflexology massage and much more.


In 2004, Vijay learned the Raindrop Technique® for the first time in New Jersey from D. Gary Young, then completed further Raindrop training and aromatherapy courses with Dr. David Stewart, a good friend of Gary Young and was then personally trained by D. Gary Young in 2007 to become the first "Raindrop Instructor" in Europe out of a total of six "Raindrop Instructors" worldwide. He established the Raindrop Technique® far beyond the borders of Austria.


Well over 2,000 enthusiastic people have learned the “original” Raindrop Technique® from him, which was developed by D. Gary Young in the late 80s. Many of his “students” now also teach this wonderful treatment very successfully throughout Europe.

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